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Greening Your Event with GotGreen?™ Event Certification


Waste StatisticsFirmGreen’s GotGreen?™ Event Consulting makes it easy to offset the pollution generated by any size or type of event.

Reducing and offsetting an events carbon footprint is important not only for the event attendees but for the community’s overall health and environmental improvement. Reducing and offsetting all types of emissions is important. Pollution caused by events include: carbon dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, trash, human wastes, and more.

How it Works..

FirmGreen calculates the pollution caused by energy use and other sources associated with your event:
  • Electricity and fuel use during the event
  • Travel to and from the event
  • Food preparation and cleanup for event meals
  • Electricity used in hotel rooms by participants and staff, etc.
  • Solid Waste

We then design a plan to reduce, reuse, recycle and offset the environmental impacts caused by the event. Afterwards, FirmGreen verifies, documents and recognizes the event for the level of offsets achieved.

Not only is it the right thing to do --it’s now the law in California. Events of a certain size are mandated to offset their environmental impacts by Section 42648 - 42648.7

Register your event today!

Organizations that desire to get into event pollution compliance with FirmGreen make a commitment to work with us—in turn, we will be there with you every step of the way to ensure your “green event” is successful and unobtrusive to the participants.

Sign up to have your event FirmGreen Certified and we will:

  1. Help your event achieve FirmGreen Certification
  2. Give you permission to use the FirmGreen Certified Event Seal in your marketing and event materials
  3. Provide copy on the FirmGreen Certification Program for your event marketing materials
  4. Provide copy on how participants can help offset the emissions caused by this event for event handouts
  5. Provide pre-event estimates of all types of emissions caused by energy use associated with the event and the achievements in offsetting these emissions
  6. Provide post-event final numbers on all types of emissions caused by energy use associated with the event and the achievements in offsetting these emissions
  7. Receive and process tax deductible donations to support offsetting the emissions caused by energy use of your event
  8. Permanently retire the emission reductions used to offset the emissions of your event

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