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Offset Your Carbon Footprint

FirmGreen Energy, Inc. (FGE™) is developing a renewable energy project that will soon generate certified credits. Even though today's market is voluntary, we're working with a third party to insure that any credits we sell meet the highest standards, and are properly accounted for. When you purchase FirmGreen® credits, you can be confident that you're supporting renewable energy projects with verified greenhouse gas reductions.

We plan to retire some of our credits to offset our own greenhouse gas emissions, and we're working with several organizations to help them implement waste reduction programs, and then offset what they cannot eliminate entirely. The remainder of our credits will soon be available to purchase here, and will support our continued investment in renewable energy and alternative fuels.

Check back soon or click here to contact us now for more information.

FGE™ uses its patented technology to produce alternative fuels and green energy for communities from local renewable sources such as landfills. The company also assists corporations, events and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint on a cost effective basis. Find out more about FirmGreen by visiting us at



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